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Yoga Parties

You are never more in the moment then when you're laughing, that's a meditation vacation! Planning a Bachelorette Party? Celebrate the Bride to Be with a playful yoga class including partner poses where I can take requested photos of your fun group. Family Vacations, Birthdays, Pre-Golf, Couples Yoga or grab a group of friends for a fun time together. 

Beach Yoga to You can be delivered to where you stay. Share the cost and the fun!

Be sure to book in advance since many families have included Beach Yoga for several years now and already have dates next summer set.  Prices: $75  Group 1-9. people, $100 Group 10-14, Added fee for groups of 15 people or more. (Travel over 15 miles outside of Sea Isle additional charge.)

Missing your pals? Gather a group and let's party on Zoom! $50 for an hour of ZOOM!